Life is short. Someday you will stand before God to give an account for your life. Since you don't know when you will die, now is the time to think about the most important questions in life. This site contains some amazing Christian testimonies that show the power of God to change any person.

Purpose of Life

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of your life is?

Do you ever think about the meaning of life or why you exist? Are you living to satisfy your own desires to have more money, success, or fun? The good news is God created you for a purpose and He has a plan for your life.
What is my purpose?

Kirk Cameron Testimony

A brand new life for Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron, former star of Growing Pains, had everything most people want--fame, money, looks, and success. None of that compared to the joy he later found in knowing Christ, being forgiven, and being in a right relationship with God.
Kirk Cameron's testimony

Know God

Are you good enough to go to Heaven?

When your life is over, how do you think you will do on Judgment Day? Do you consider yourself to be a good person? Are you good enough to get into Heaven when you die? Find out today how you would do.
Am I going to Heaven?